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Bringing your children to church has never been easier! Pre-Register your family through the link below and a JRNY Kids teammate will be waiting to meet you as you arrive.

Save time in line by download the Church Center App to use our Pre-Check feature!

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When you check in, you and your child will be given matching tags that are exclusive to your visit. 

After the experience, you will give your tag to a security teammate for them to match your tags and release your child back to you. We will never release your child to anyone without the matching tag.

If we need to contact you during the experience, we’ll send you a text using the number you gave us during check-in. Please proceed to the check-in desk to meet our JRNY Kids teammate who will fill you in!

How Check-In Works

 a high-energy, engaging and loving environment for your kids to hear God’s Word

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We know that your children are your most valuable possessions! We work hard to make sure your babies feel safe and loved on Sunday mornings. Our teammates are here to take excellent care of your kids while you enjoy your experience!



available all expereinces


Across all of our campuses, children ages 2-5 get to be a part of an experience that is geared just for them! Valuable lessons from God’s Word are taught through games, video lessons, crafts, and activities. 


available all expereinces

6-12 year olds will learn the valuable lessons of the Gospel through skits, stories, videos, activities, and games all while being a part of their own high-energy church experience! Every Sunday they will learn Bible verses, key points to help them grow closer to God, and how to tell their friends about Jesus.



available all expereinces

Nursing mothers

We have a nursing room at every campus for moms with babies 6 months and under. This is a “Mom’s Only” room for women to feed and change their babies and view the experience in a more private and quiet environment.

what we value

We believe that God has called us to be a blessing not a burden. There is no age-requirement to change the world, and that’s done by learning to serve others. In their schools, their homes and everywhere they go, we’re teaching them that they represent Christ. When your two-year-old starts cleaning up after themselves, you’ll know what we mean!


We make safety our highest priority! Every child’s name tag is matched to a guardian-identification number, every teammate is screened with the appropriate non-profit/education required background checks, and every hallway is monitored by trained security personnel.


At JRNY Kids we use the ORANGE Curriculum to teach your children about God’s love for them. We use games, skits, crafts, music and videos to create a high-energy, engaging and loving environment for your kids to hear God’s Word. Ultimately their confidence comes from understanding who they are, which comes from hearing who God created them to be!

Creative Teaching

We know that your kids love to have fun! We also know that when they have fun at JRNY Kids, they will want to keep coming back and keep learning about Jesus. Because of that, we give 110% to make sure that your kids have a blast every Sunday!

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JRNY Kids isn’t babysitting, it’s World Changing! We believe that kids can change the world. We’ve seen first hand how capable they are to use the lessons we teach them to impact their friends and families. That’s why we do our best to create a fun, interactive learning environment!

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Have more flexibility to serve during the earlier part of Sunday mornings? Or you’re not available to serve during the different experiences? Pre-Experience Childcare is for you! You would be a part of the early-morning crew and help kick-start the day. This team arrives before the experiences begin to care for the children of set-up teammates!

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As culture attempts to pull children away from God’s plan, Family Dedications are an opportunity for parents to make a stand and commit themselves to raise their family God’s way.

Next Dedications | Fall 2024

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