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Welcome to church night

If you’re new to JRNY and are wondering “What now?”, we’d love to meet you at our next Welcome to Church Night! We believe God wants to change the world through you, and we would love to show you how. If you have kids the night is designed with them in mind as well! We have fun activities, games, and lessons provided for ages 0-12. 


400 Franklin Ave
Phoenixville, PA 19460


Joining a Group at JRNY is the best way to dive in and get connected! In Groups you will spend time meeting together with people in the church that are looking for ways to grow deeper in their faith as well as meeting people to do life with. 

You can join a Bible Study Group where you can share a meal or snack together and dive into God's word through a Bible plan, the current sermon series, or a book or curriculum that the leader has chosen. We also offer activity style groups! If you have a hobby or sport you love, do that activity with people that also enjoy it! Maybe you love running, or want to learn a new sport, or there is a skill that you want to learn to do... Find a Group that focuses on that and start building community with them. 

Don't wait: find your people by signing up to lead or join a group today!


jrny summer

Join us all summer long for theme days, giveaways, and food trucks!

Starting JUNE 30th


Marriage Class is designed for couples who are thinking about getting married, newly engaged, or already married. Its purpose is to teach Godly relationship principles and give practical advice that will help you build a strong, Christ-centered relationship with your spouse! If you are thinking about getting married, moving towards marriage, or looking to strengthen your marriage, join us for our next Marriage Class!

SIGN UPS OPEN Spring 2025

400 Franklin Ave
Phoenixville, PA 19460

*childcare not provided

family dedications

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As culture attempts to pull children away from God’s plan, Family Dedications are an opportunity for parents to make a stand and commit themselves to raise their family God’s way.

Next Dedications | Fall 2024

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