Next Step: Join the Team


When a guest joins us for church on Sunday and signs up to serve, the Campus Director reaches out to them via text + email with the link to the Join the Team form.

  • KDs will receive the new teammate’s Join the Team form once it’s completed. You’ll be able to see their upcoming Sundays that they are available to serve. However, Lynn will be the first person to contact them to ensure that we have all of their clearances before getting them onto the schedule.
    • These are the 3 clearances that we need from them:
      • PA State Background Check (we cannot accept a copy that they already have)
      • Child Abuse History Clearance (we can accept a copy that they already have)
      • Affidavit form (they will need to sign one if they have lived in PA for the past 10 consecutive yearsOR FBI Fingerprint (if they have not lived in PA for the past 10 consecutive years – we can accept an official copy that they already have)
  • After Lynn has received all of the clearances that she needs from that person, she’ll email you to let you know that you’re able to schedule them. Be sure to refer back to their Join the Team form to see what dates you should schedule them for and what room they prefer to serve in. If the dates have passed, contact the new teammate and ask them for their next two available Sundays to begin training.


Once you receive an email from Lynn letting you know that you’re able to schedule the new teammate, import them into Planning Center so that they receive tutorials on how to use the website/app and so that you’re able to schedule them for their first + second serve dates. Visit HERE to login to Planning Center. Search the new teammate’s name and then click on their name.

When you click on their name, select “Yes, add to Services”.

After clicking “Yes, add to Serves”, you’ll be prompted to send them the “Welcome to Planning Center!” email. Select “Submit” to complete the process.

You’ll know that the import process is complete when you reach the page (pictured). You may begin scheduling them for their next available serve dates!


Once you’ve scheduled the new teammate and they’ve confirmed their dates, be sure to add in their 1st + 2nd serve dates to indicate that the new teammate is officially on the schedule. Click HERE to login to People. Search their name at the top right and click on it to be taken to their profile.

When you’re taken to their profile, select the tab to the left that says “Next Step: JRNY KIDS/SAFETY TEAM”.

Once you’ve clicked on the tab, select the blue button labeled as “Edit Answers” towards the top right. Afterwards, you’re able to put in the new teammate’s 1st + 2nd serve date. Once you’ve entered it in, click on “Save”.

After you entered the dates and clicked on “Save”, Lynn will be able to see that the new teammate has been officially scheduled and she’ll mark their serve team status as complete!


Whenever your new teammate gets cleared, Lynn will send a t-shirt in their size with a notebook in your inventory bin. Be sure to write a personal note of encouragement in the notebook for the new teammate and give it to the trainer so that they give it to the trainee.


Over the course of the past 10 years, the leadership at JRNY began to recognize the path that people take when growing in their walk with Christ & developing in their leadership. The image shown here demonstrates what that looks like & how our church continues to grow: we call it the Cycle of Connection. It’s important to realize that without any one of these areas being strong, our church will suffer.