Parking teammates have the honor of being the first face people see on Sunday mornings! Guests decide in the first 7 seconds whether they will return somewhere. This is what’s at stake, and this is why we strive to be an excellent representation of Christ! We do this well by being organized, focused, and prepared.

People can feel intimidated when coming to church for the first time. As greeters, we love to make Journey the exception to that rule. We do this by providing a clean, exciting, and welcoming environment. Our goal is to treat our guests the way God feels about them! 

When an auditorium is sat well, it fosters a secure environment that encourages laughter, is free of distractions and opens people’s hearts to what God has for them. We do this by seating symmetrically, sensibly, and strategically. We are driven by this thought: that could be the very seat where our guests experience Jesus for the first time!

Our safety teammates work hard to ensure the safety of our families on Sunday mornings. We protect and serve our campuses by allowing only authorized people into our kids’ environments. By providing peace of mind, they allow all our teammates to create the best experience for our guests. We only have one question: will you protect this house?


We want to stay organized and efficient with every teammate who joins the team! One way that we do this is by using a service called Planning Center. When you sign-up to serve, an account will be created for you based on the email you provide to us – check out this quick video to learn how to use the app!


Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. He came to serve, not to be served. As His followers, we know we’ve been called to do the same. In a culture that is plagued with consumerism, we believe that when we give our life away, we actually find life. Read more to hear more about what the Bible says about serving.


Typically we ask people to serve twice a month. We want you to have the opportunity every other week to bring friends & family to church!

If you’re scheduled to serve first experience, your arrival time will be 8:25a and if you’re scheduled second experience your arrival time will be 9:55a!

In the scheduling website/app we use (Planning Center), there’s an option to let us know before we make the schedules if you’re unavailable on a given date. Check out the videos above to learn how to blockout dates!