What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

Following Jesus simply means that you’ve come to a realization that you can’t live life on your own anymore and you need a Savior! 

Once you’ve experienced God’s love for the first time it becomes a desire for you to want to know Him and place your trust in Him. This doesn’t mean life is going to suddenly get easier (at times it will feel harder), but He promises to guide & be with us every step of the way! 

As we understand more who God is, we become more like Him. Jesus’ character (His love, patience, and kindness) begins to come through as we interact with people. Maybe you are feeling like you want to tell everyone you know about what you just experienced – that’s because our lives are no longer meant to be for us but for God! Now it has become your purpose to lead people to Jesus through reflecting His love to everyone you meet! 

How Has God Changed Your Life?

Get Started in God's Word!

The most important thing we can do when we give our lives to Jesus, is begin reading the Bible. The Bible is a lifeline; the place where you go to understand God’s infinite love for you and the place of encouragement and instruction. As you read, His Words literally will begin to change you. Things you used to do (maybe gossiping, drugs, lying, or cursing), you’ll notice that you won’t want to do anymore or one day you’ll just realize that it’s not part of who you are. That’s how powerful God’s Word is. In fact, it is the only way that you will experience the power of how God changes you in your life!

Although the Bible was written by dozens of authors over thousands of years, one consistent message remains the same – God’s great love for mankind! These words have been passed down to us, protected and preserved by the efforts and even the lives of many before us, so that we might be encouraged, taught, and built up by them! These chapters & pages tell us the whole story of Jesus – who He is, what He did, and who He’s called us to be. As we learn & believe these truths, it becomes easy to trust God and grow into the person He’s called us to be!

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