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Welcome to the Home Group Leader Page where you will have access to all the content you’ll need to lead your home group each week! Below you will find resources to best equip you to lead your group each week! We thank each of you again for opening your homes and hearts to guide our church!

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FAQ & Resources

People have a ‘good’ experience before they have a ‘God’ experience. From the moment they arrive, guests should feel welcome and ‘at home.’ You might get to host someone who hasn’t been to church yet, so by extension, this is their first experience with Journey. Scented oils/candles, a clean house & good food are some easy ways to make people feel welcome!

Each week, coordinate as a group how you will divide the responsibility of next week’s meal. This may be a potluck dinner, dessert, or just snacks – you decide! We do not want you to bear the burden of cost and preparation every week.

With the weeks leading up to the start of Home Groups, we are going to have stations set up on Sunday at each Campus so that you can talk to guests and teammates about joining your group. The amount of people in your group will depend on the amount of time and effort you put in to inviting people personally to your group. This will help alleviate the amount of people that sign-up but don’t show up due to fears such as going to an uncomfortable, new environment. Use every situation to invite people to your group! Who are the people you see on Sunday? What about neighbors, family members, or co-workers? Have you invited them to your group? Look at every interaction as an opportunity!

If you have kids, we highly encourage you to get childcare for your group because it will broaden the amount of people who are able to attend. We want to do our best to make sure we have ample room across all our groups for families with kids, and it makes it easy to host childcare at your home for all families involved.

If your group has 7 children in it, and 2 of them are your own, three of them are from one family, and two of them are from another, here would be the breakdown:

You would hire one babysitter at $15/hr for about 2 hours, so that would cost the group $30. Divide the total cost of childcare ($30) by 3 families, and each of you would be responsible for $10 each night of home groups.