We're Excited For You To Join The Team!

The FBI Fingerprint registration is run on a government website that is not mobile friendly. This application must be filled out on a computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, email lynn@jrny.church


2 | Fill in your information 

  • Leave PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT as EMAIL. Select NEXT ​when completed

3 | Enter in employer information. Select NEXT when completed

  • If unemployed, type in NA

4 | Enter in your citizenship information, then select NEXT

5 | Click “Yes” or “No” for the first two questions.

  • Click “Yes” for the last question and then enter in your provided authorization code.

(NOTE: If you do not have a code, please email lynn@jrny.church)

  • Select NEXT

6 | Fill out the needed personal information, then select NEXT

7 | Enter in your mailing address, then select NEXT

8 | Indicate what piece of identification you will be bringing with you when you go to your appointment, then select NEXT

9 | Enter in your zip code to find the closest fingerprint location to you, then select NEXT

10 | Click on your preferred fingerprint location, then select NEXT

11 | Enter in the authorization code that you have been provided, then click on APPLY COUPON. Once compete, select NEXT

12 | Schedule an appointment by choosing a suitable day and time (NOTE:appointments take priority over walk ins), then select NEXT

13 | Review the information and then select DONE.

  • You have completed your fingerprint registration! (NOTE: you will receive an email with the subject line of “IdentoGo Appointment Confirmation“) Please forward the confirmation email to lynn@jrny.church


Thank you for completing your FBI Fingerprint registration! As soon as we receive all of your needed clearances, we will contact you about the first date you are able to serve. Check below for some more information!

  • After you go to get your fingerprint done, it can take up to 2 weeks to process. Once you receive your FBI results in the mail, please bring it to the JRNY Kids Check-In desk the next time you’re at church so that we can file it