Stay Connected at JRNY

Welcome to Church Night

May 15th
Free Meal at 6:00
Event Starts at 7:00

If you’re new to JRNY and are wondering “What now?”, we’d love to meet you at our next Welcome to Church Night! We believe God wants to change the world through you, and we would love to show you how.

Home Groups

April 23rd - May 28th

Looking for a way to meet new people at JRNY? Join a JRNY Home Group to reflect on the week’s sermon, encourage each other towards next steps in your relationship with Jesus, and be a part of each other’s lives. When we ask God to grow our church, we know that it will always require more sacrifice, more pain, more hardship, and more growth. So as our church continues to become more impactful in our area, our need for community grows as well!

Marriage Class

Spring 2024

Marriage Class is designed for couples who are thinking about getting married, newly engaged, or already married. Its purpose is to teach Godly relationship principles and give practical advice that will help you build a strong, Christ-centered relationship with your spouse! If you are thinking about getting married, moving towards marriage, or looking to strengthen your marriage, sign-up for our next Marriage Class!

Family Dedications

November 5th

As culture attempts to pull children away from God’s plan, Family Dedications are an opportunity for parents to make a stand and commit themselves to raise their family God’s way.