Thank You For Joining The Team!

The Child Abuse History Clearance is run on a government website that is not mobile friendly. This application must be filled out on a computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, email


2 | Review information and select NEXT

3 | Fill out information and select FINISH when completed

4 | Congratulations! You have successfully entered your information!

5 | Check your email for your TEMPORARY PASSWORD

6 | Select INDIVIDUAL LOGIN to log into your account


8 | Read disclosure and select CONTINUE at the bottom of the page

9 | Login using your TEMPORARY PASSWORD

10 | CREATE NEW PASSWORD (NOTE: Strict password requirements) 

11 | Great Job, You Created A New Password! Select CLOSE WINDOW To Log In With Your New Password

12 | LOG IN With Your New Password


1 | Read and agree to Terms and Conditions, then select NEXT

2 | Read disclosure and select CONTINUE at the bottom of the page


4 | Read GETTING STARTED and then select CONTINUE

5 | Complete Application Purpose

  • If you are signing up to serve in JRNY KIDS, select Application Purpose as VOLUNTEER HAVING CONTACT WITH CHILDREN
  • Select OTHER for Volunteer Category
  • TYPE “Journey Church” for Agency Name


  • If you are filling out this form to provide CHILD CARE at an event, select EMPLOYEE OF CHILD CARE SERVICES
  • If you are filling out this form to provide child care at an event, and are UNDER THE AGE OF 14 select INDIVIDUAL 14 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER 


  • Select NEXT at the bottom of the page

6 | Begin filling out Applicant Information (Cont.on next step)

7 | Continue filling out applicant information. 

  • Enter Social Security Number
  • If you have any previous names (Maiden Name) you will be prompted to enter it in. Select the PLUS sign next to ADD PREVIOUS NAMES/NICKNAMES
  • Select NEXT when completed​

8 | Enter Current Address (Cont. on next step)

9 | Enter mailing address information and select Certificate Delivery Method. Select NEXT when complete (NOTE: We receive your completed application online and do not need a paper copy. However, you can request a paper copy for personal use)

10 | Add Previous Addresses by selecting the PLUS button next to ADD PREVIOUS ADDRESSES

11 | When adding addresses include as much information as possible and select NEXT at the bottom of the page when finished (NOTE: Only some fields are required)

12 | Add the names of current and previous Household Members (People you have lived with) by selecting the PLUS button next to ADD HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS (NOTE: Minimum requirement is one parent or guardian)

13 | When adding Household Members include as much information as possible and select NEXT at the bottom of the page when finished (NOTE: Only some fields are required)

14 | Review applicant information to ensure that it is correct and select NEXT when finished

15 | If you have received a paper electronic volunteer certification free of charge within the last 57 months select YES, if not, select NO. eSign to agree that all of the information you have entered is correct, and then select NEXT

16 | As soon as you get to this page email and ask for a payment code. This payment code is linked to Journey Church’s organization account and will immediately send us the results of your application when it has finished processing

  • Specify if you have received a paper electronic volunteer certification free of charge within the last 57 months or not 
  • If you do not immediately receive an email, you can select the SAVE APPLICATION button and return to your application at another time
  • As soon as you receive an email with the needed code, enter it and then select SUBMIT APPLICATION

17 | You have completed your application!


Thank you for completing your Child Abuse History Clearance! As soon as we receive all of your needed clearances we will contact you about the first date you are able to serve. Check below for some more information!

  • Your application can finish processing in a minute or in a few weeks – don’t worry if it takes a while.
  • Once your clearance is done processing you will receive an email stating that your application has come back. There is no further action required on your end. Because you entered the payment code in step 16, your results will immediately be sent to the Journey Church administrator account.
  • If you need this clearance for a job or other volunteer position you can log back into your account and download a PDF copy of your clearance.




3 | Read disclosure and select CONTINUE at the bottom of the page

4 | Login with your keystone username and password. Then select LOGIN​

5 | Within the green box, select TO VIEW THE RESULTS, CLICK HERE 

6 | Download and save your CAHC results as a PDF copy. You can use it to send as an attachment within an email to or you can print it out and bring it to church!