December 7th | Prayer Update


Check out this month’s prayer focus HERE. Thank you for continuing to pray over our church in this season!


Marissa – Please pray for Marissa as she is preparing to have baby Olivia this coming Tuesday! We are so excited for this family! There are always risks and scary things involved that surround Marissa’s situation and any birth, so please continue to pray with us that Marissa and Olivia would stay healthy, safe and protected during this process. Thank you so much for praying for their family!

Marshall – Please pray for Marshall as he contracted a viral infection this past weekend. His parents took him to the hospital but are home now helping him recover. Please pray for their family that they would kick this sickness soon and that baby Marshall would return to full health. Thank you!

Karen  – Please continue to pray for Karen’s fiancé to have an interview date for his visa really soon with no delays. Please also pray for the uscis to notify the national visa center his employer’s petition was approved quickly. This is important for him and they would really appreciate your prayers. Thank you!



Thomas – Please keep Thomas’ brother and his family in your prayers. Their house that they have been paying rent to own for the past 8 yrs and fixing up is now being threatened of going to someone else. They need $40,000 to I believe make it there own as I heard they are paying some sort of mortgage too. They mentioned something about two weeks but they are talking to lawyers and the mortgage company for advice. Please keep them in your prayers as they sort through this situation.

Jane – Please pray for Jane as she is currently searching for a job after being let go. Please pray that God will guide her during this time and that he gives her peace as she continues to trust Him in the midst of this hard situation.

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