October | Monthly Prayer Focus


Please be praying for the start of homegroups this month. As you know from praying for people every week, there are people in our church that have experienced and are currently experiencing a lot of pain, heartache and challenging seasons. The book “Through the Eyes of a Lion” that homegroups will be going through this season talks a lot about God using the painful things in our lives for good. The book is written by Levi Lusko who tragically lost his daughter at the age of 5 but uses her story to speak hope and purpose into people who need help to see their lives through the eyes of faith.

Please be in prayer that this homegroup season will minister to so many who are going through painful marriages, friendships, parenting, family strains, health battles, financial struggles, tough seasons and any other situations that God will meet them right where they are at. Please pray that chains are broken in Jesus’ name and that lives that feel torn apart are made whole again through Christ!

Thank you so much for intentionally praying this month over the start of Fall Homegroups, 2022!

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