**9/27 Update**

We have really big update from Anna today that she is coming home officially today! This past weekend they had a lot of conversation about how to test when Anna and the baby would realistically be able to leave the hospital (hasn’t been delivered, although they have been close). They decided to do two days of seeing how he does with his heart-rate dipping and a little intervention instead of lots of intervention. As of right now he’s able to still get his heartbeat back up on his own. So they feel comfortable with her moving to outpatient testing a few times a week with the caveat that she absolutely can be put back in the hospital at any point based off of those check-up testings. She is so excited to be home and would really appreciate the continued prayer for all the upcoming tests for the baby as she progresses. She will have to do the tests at Lankenau until the baby is 32 weeks because of the nicu they have there. We will update before next week if anything major changes.


**9/25 Update** 

This is an update from Anna from today. They haven’t found the kidney stone in her urine, but she is not in pain anymore which is a positive. The main thing they are concerned with now is the dips in the baby’s heart-rate. Over the past few days, Anna and the baby have been monitored constantly because of the baby’s dips. She is going on day 6 of her hospital stay and is asking for prayers that she could return home and more specific ways to pray below. Here is the update. Thank you for praying!

“They are going 4 hours without a monitor. Then 4 hours on unless he has many drops and then they will leave it on 8 and try again after that segment if monitoring. The goal is to see if these drops are safe and are his normal!If they are normal (for a baby of 28 weeks) and he is able to “self correct” the goal is to go home and go for 2-3 stress tests a week.(Always reassessing to determine level of monitoring) she has been continuously monitored until we took a four hour break yesterday afternoon. He did have a few last night and with intervention , he always comes back up. 

Anna was finally able to shower without the monitor on today and feels great about that step!

We also were able to get the doctor to agree that we’re going to see if he’ll come back up on his own without intervention. To date he’s always had intervention so we’re asking them to push the limits of intervention as opposed to just simply cutting it off and sending her home. The maternal fetal medicine doctor agreed and it’s all about everyone’s comfort level and risk assessment. It’s just a difficult situation and hard to decide but we are doing the best we can do!”



Early this morning, Anna went to the hospital with pains and a fever that were pointing towards either a UTI or kidney stone. Because Anna is 28 weeks pregnant, they took extra precautions, found out it was indeed a kidney stone and got her set up with fluids right away. Due to her bladder filling up with fluids and the general stress her body was in from the pain, the baby’s heart rate started climbing and the doctors were beginning to be concerned.

As of this evening, Anna is getting transferred from Paoli to Lankenau hospital and it’s looking like the baby has took a turn and progressed to such a state from everything that Anna and her husband Mark feel like it is the best option to induce and deliver the baby tonight if things do not change.

Being that Anna is 28 weeks pregnant, we are praying for a miracle that she will not have to deliver and that the stone will pass. But also, we are praying that if it is God’s will for Anna to deliver the baby tonight that it would go smoothly and safely. Please pray for Anna and baby Marshall’s safety and that God would surround the whole family with incredible peace.

Thank you for praying!

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  1. Praying in Jesus Name for his Will over the baby and family and his peace to be ever present in the midst of her pain.

  2. Lord let your presence be known where Anna is right now ! That Marshall’s heart rate will go down and Anna stones pass in Jesus name ! Holy sprirt protect them both and asking oeace through this over them and the family! We have our plans but your purpose prevails .asking all this in Jesus name ! Amen

  3. Heavenly Father, You have created in Anna a unique and perfect new life,
    Marshall; a little baby boy; such a wonder and such a blessing!
    You are the creator, the author of all life, and You alone intimately know this little one.
    Just one touch from Your eternal hand can transform, heal and restore.
    Please touch this little life now, and bring wholeness and life to him.
    And, hold and keep Anna and her family close as she carries this precious gift;
    O Lord of all, we trust in Your care and protection;
    And we look forward to watching this little boy grow more on earth.
    We live, breathe and hope in you.

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