September 20th | Prayer Update


Anna – Anna is going to meet with the anesthesiology team at Paoli to discuss her birth plan. It’s looking like there are not gonna be very good pain management options during her birth because of the kind of rod she has in her back from a previous surgery for scoliosis. From what they are saying, there will need to be an MRI guided epidural, but that most likely won’t be a possibility. This means Anna would have to go med-free or be on nitrous gas which she is not wild about the idea of. It also would mean if there’s a C-section, she would have to go under general anesthesia. She is just really disappointed because things changed with more information and she does not want to be on nitrous meeting her baby son, but she really doesn’t like the idea of a drug-free birth for herself either. Please pray for peace and clarity over this situation as they are continuing to discuss her options.

Maura – Maura has been pushing through as she is still receiving infusions while she has gone back to school. She is really struggling with the idea that she will probably need to cut back on the amount of time she is in school because her body is just having a really hard time keeping up with it all. Please pray that she would not put undo pressure on herself as she is struggling with all of the adjustment back to her new “normal”

Ann – Please continue to pray for Ann as she is struggling with the transition into assisted living. Please continue to pray over her physical therapy and strength for the entire family. Thank you for praying!

**NEW UPDATE** – As we have been praying for Ann, it’s becoming clear to her family that she will soon make a decision one way or another. Either she will be striving to get stronger and go home or not worry about walking again, go into hospice and go into the arms of Jesus with her family around her. She has lived 90 blessed years and her daughter is praying that this decision/discussion between her mom and the rest of the family will bring them to Jesus. This would be an amazing opportunity that Ann has prayed over for a long time. Please pray over the decision Ann has to make as well as her son and grandchildren to come to know Jesus through this whole process.

Marissa – Please check out Marissa’s latest update HERE




RCA or Recovery Centers of America – There was recently a massive downsizing within the organization Recovery Centers of America. With this downsizing, hundreds of people lost their jobs, including some individuals who are heavily involved at Journey. Please pray for all those who lost their jobs and are currently working through their next steps after this huge hit. Please pray that God would guide them as they are looking for new opportunities.

Meghan – Please read and pray over this request from Meghan.

“I’m raising my 6 year old niece, Allie. Her biological father died in a horrific car accident this past Tuesday. I’m waiting for DNA confirmation on the remains, but he’s been missing since the accident and his truck was identified, so we’re all pretty much certain it’s him. Please, please pray that Allie handles this well. She’s been through so very much in her little life already and I’m devastated to break her heart yet again. Please pray for her to grow stronger from this and not succumb to a life of addiction like almost the entire rest of her biological family has. Please pray I handle her emotional needs adequately and comfort her well enough. Please pray this doesn’t get her jaded in this beautiful life…Her bio father and I agreed to him paying for her to start either dance or gym classes as she’s wildly passionate about both at such a young age, but I still can’t afford them for her despite working 2 jobs. Please pray that changes sometime soon as I’m sure that would help her cope by focusing on what she still has & loves. This one is admittedly selfish but please also pray for me as I’m struggling with losing a man who was essentially a brother to me for over 10 years after just getting him back from his addiction. I can’t be struggling with this so badly if I’m going to be strong enough for Allie. Please pray for his family & friends as well. They’re all devastated. Thank you for what you do. I wish I worked less so I could bring her to your services and have us all pray for her together so she could truly see how many people, even strangers, care about her. Thank you.”

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  1. Heartbreaking. May God be glorified in all these situations. May our Jehovah-rapha heal all the hurts and pains in our body of believers and beyond. May every hurting person draw closer to Jesus. Praises for Marissa’s incredible positive attitude. I LOVE IT!!!! What a great testimony to all of us.

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