URGENT UPDATE | Marissa Sweitzer



“Yesterday we started bag 7 of the chemo! It should finish sometime late afternoon today. So far no side effects. 🤞🏼
I’m receiving another bag of platelets now. It only takes about 30 minutes for it to pump through. I’ve been having some nose bleeds so clearly my count is low.
After today the long haul sets in. I have 3 weeks of waiting to see what the chemo does to my body. Here’s hoping it works and I’m finished with chemo after this round!
Jonathan and Stephen will be tested today to see if they are a match for my transplant. Regardless if I need more chemo or not, I’ll have a transplant after Olivia is born.
I slept so well last night. I even slept past sunrise! The techs come in at 4:30 for vitals and I haven’t been able to fall back asleep, but last night was no issue.
Ben started preschool today. Christy and her mom blessed us with helping with preschool this year and I’m so thankful he’s in such great hands.
So far, I’m in good spirits. I take so many pills in the morning that it upsets my stomach a little bit, but it’s worth it to get better. I’m excited to not be tethered to Medusa 24/7 anymore, and I am sooooo looking forward to a real shower today once the chemo is finished! 🥹
I received a wonderful package from Julia yesterday. Her whole family included things for me and Ben. I’m still keeping busy with books and crochet for now. 🧶
Not much is new. The doctors stop in everyday to answer questions, but I don’t have any and probably won’t until later in the month. They said my body is receiving the chemo well and they’re still confident that I will be in remission. Whether or not that’s just Part 1 or including Part 2, we won’t know until the biopsy.
I saw a commercial for a Kitchen Aid mixer and I forgot just how much I’ve wanted one. I haven’t felt good in so long – I’ve barely cooked and cleaned since May. I’m so excited for when I’m finished with chemo, have my sweet baby girl, and recover from everything! I’m excited to bake again and cook in my iron skillet. It’s the little things. 🥰 Maybe when I get a mixer I’ll pick a bright color just for fun! 🌈
I’m curious what everyone’s plans are for the fall! Anyone traveling? Going to the pumpkin patch or apple picking? I’ll ask Mark to grab me some apple cider from Frecon Farms because YUM. Please post pics below of the fun you’re all having!
Remember, God is good, even when we can’t see it. Everything is to His glory!”
As you read above, please pray that this round of treatment is her last! That there would be healing and miraculous recovery in Jesus’ Name.
Thank you for praying!

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