August 31st | Prayer Update


Baby Laken – Please pray for baby Laken and his family as they continue to seek out doctors and answers for what is next in the process of surgeries to help the little guy. Please also continue to pray for peace over his parents and that they would continue to surrender their situation to Jesus.

Val – Please continue to pray for Valerie’s energy level and strength to return. Pain is fine, she is just getting tired easily. She is grateful she was able to be at church on Sunday and is doing a little more each day. Thank you for praying!

Wendy – As you know, Wendy was going through the process of taking medication to help with cancer that was found in her body. She went in for an MRI to see how she was progressing and the MRI found another spot on my liver which basically means that her current drugs are not working.  She will be switching to Chemotherapy infusions beginning Sept 12th. This will be once a week for two weeks, a week off and then repeat the cycle for about 3 months.  She will then have another MRI to see if the chemo is working.  In the meantime please continue to pray for complete healing, and no nasty side effects from the chemo.  Thank you!


Hunter – Hunter, age 16, was shot in the chest over the weekend. He was moved out of the ICU. The doctors are really impressed with his improvement and said that he might not even need a blood transfusion surprisingly! The cops are still investigating the situation. From what we can understand and what is being said, it suspected that it was an intentional shooting and not a “wrong place wrong time” scenario. Please be praying for clarity, truth, and guidance for their next steps and how to protect Hunter and his family.

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