August 23rd | Prayer Update


Maura – We are so grateful to report the news of Maura’s scan on Monday. Her doctor said
“we think we got rid of the tumor”!! They want to continue treating the side effects of the treatment rather than fighting a tumor. This is incredible news! They are going to continue with the chemo that she is on right now so that the radiation injury doesn’t rebound, but she will be getting it once a month instead of every other week. Her next infusion is 9/12, so she gets a break until then. After three months, they will scan again to see if there are continuing changes from this current chemo. When things are stable (not continuing to improve since there is still a small amount of injury) they can discuss if they want to stop that chemo. There is fluid in her brain, but the doctor said that is not something to worry about since it is taking the place of the brain matter that was removed during surgery. There is one nodule in the area of her tumor that can be seen on a couple of images that they are going to keep an eye on for changes. It could be just the way her brain is folding in that area after the tumor resection but it is just something that they are going to watch.

With all those things being said, please pray for the upcoming infusion on 9/12, the scan she will be getting in a couple months and her overall continued recovery. Please pray for more and more reports like this and miraculous healing in Maura’s body. THANK YOU!

Baby Laken – Please pray for Laken and his family as they have a meeting with the surgical team on Monday. They are praying that his surgeries are non-invasive (meaning they would not have to move his brain in the process) and that there are no chromosomal abnormalities when the geneticists run their labs. From what the doctors say, it seems like it is surface level but they won’t know until further testing/an x-ray is performed. Please pray that Laken’s parents can both continue to trust God with each step and surrender their fears and worries.


Josie – Josie is having surgery to put a metal bar in her back to hopefully help correct her scoliosis. Please pray as they are still in the beginning stages of planning for surgery. Her and her mom are going to Shriners in Philly today and going to meet with a doctor from CHOP in a couple weeks. Please pray that they find the right doctor. The surgery will probably be in November. Also, please pray over Josie during this process in general that she would not be overcome with fear or anxiety and that she would know that God is with her through all of this. Thank you for praying!

Val – Please pray for Val’s recovery after her surgery on Tuesday. She has a long road to recovery ahead. Please pray for her and her family as they help care for her during this time.

Rob – Please pray for Rob as he is having issues with his heart and blood pressure. He may need to get a pacemaker put in soon and his family is very overwhelmed by this news. Please pray over his health, peace and family during this time.

Jeanine’s Daughter – Jeanine is asking for prayer for her daughter as she is at High Point Bible Camp this week. Please pray for her connection to Christian peers and the holy spirit. She is on the autism spectrum (“high functioning,” as they say) and quite quirky and socially awkward. She doesn’t know anyone there and the whole experience is overwhelming for her but she wanted to go. Thank you for praying!

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