August 16th | Prayer Update


Maura – Maura and her family have had the opportunity to travel and are currently in Punta Cana. This is a huge praise for the family to have this time together in the midst of such craziness. Please pray specifically for Maura’s eyes right now. They are noticing that they are not lining up so they need to get an appointment with her neuro-opthalmologist to check her eyes. She also has her next scan on 8/22 which everything pretty much hinges on. Thank you for praying!

Ann – Since coming home after being hospitalized for an infection, Ann has been so weak she can’t stand up and walk without assistance (has fallen down twice). She also has very little appetite, and her mental capacity is diminished. For this reason, and because she already has to deal with very low vision due to macular degeneration, her family has moved her from her Independent Living apartment to a new apartment in Assisted Living.

She’s 90, so failing health is expected, but in her case, it happened ‘overnight’. She IS aware of her situation and, fortunately, is in close contact with Jesus. Praise God! Her family is asking for prayers for her to regain at least some of her strength and that she would be at peace no matter what. And they also ask for prayers for her caregivers at Echo Lake, where she lives, and for the continued support, patience and understanding of her friends and family. Thank you for praying!

Wendy – Please continue to pray for Wendy’s help and the MRI she has scheduled for August 25th. Please pray specifically for the tumor that it will have miraculously shrunk in Jesus’ name.



Baby Laken –  Please pray as there are some health concerns for this little baby boy. This is very sensitive news, so please keep this extremely confidential. Please pray over their visits with the doctor and for the family as they receive medical help and guidance for their little boy. They need to meet with some specialists within the next few days/week, please pray that Jesus guides them through these next few steps.

Val – Please pray for Val as she is about to have a surgery on Tuesday, August 23rd. Please pray for her doctors, and the long recovery ahead. Thank you for praying!

Kaitlyn – Kaitlyn got her appendix removed on Sunday night and is now recovering. She is a young girl and has never gone through anything like this before, so please pray that God surrounds her with peace in the midst of this scary situation.

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  1. Listing these requests up in Jesus name ! we praise you and thank you through the trials and the celebrations! Your good all the time and all the time you are good!

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