August | Monthly Prayer Focus

Monthly Prayer Focus

This month we are going to focus on praying “for those not yet here”! Please join us in praying in the specific ways below.

Shameful past – A lot of people never step foot in church simply because of the shame the enemy uses to keep them stuck. Please pray for those who struggle with their shame that God would meet them right where they are at and they would run after all that He has for them.

Fear – There is so much fear that can hold a person back from running to Jesus. Pray that the fears that consume them would cease in Jesus’ name and that He would fill them with the courage to run after all that He has for them.

That first Sunday – For those who God is about to bring, please pray over that first Sunday they come to JRNY. Pray that EVERY MOMENT God would speak straight to them, let them know they are loved and that their life would be changed forever. Also, please pray that we are doing what we need to as a church to be ready to receive them!

Families – Some people in our church, maybe even yourself, have yet to take the leap of faith and ask their family to come to church. Not only that, but some need to take the step of sharing Jesus with their family in general. Please pray for those who are feeling the tug on their hearts to share Jesus with their families.

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