August 9th | Prayer Update


This month, let’s be praying for those not yet here. This is something that should always be in our prayers, but let’s focus in on this together in the specific ways that are highlighted HERE.


The Davis Family – Jess and Seth Davis had their baby girl, Olive Joy, last night! They are so excited to be venturing into this new season with their precious little one. Mom and baby are doing well. Please pray that they will have a smooth transition into these next couple of weeks and into parenthood in general.


Amy – Amy wanted to share a praise and is asking for prayer for a continued successful recovery for her foot. She fell about 2 months ago and broke her foot which I had mentioned in a prayer update a few weeks back. On Monday, she received the go-ahead from her doctor that she can now walk on her foot like normal with her boot on. She was also told that she does not have to do PT as long as she takes the time to go to the pool this summer and do some water exercises to strengthen her foot. Please continue to pray for her that at her next appointment she will be able to walk with nothing at all and that her foot will be healed! Thank you for praying!


Wendy – 4 years ago Wendy had breast cancer. The tumor was removed and she underwent 5 weeks of radiation. She was clean for almost 4 years with no evidence of disease. This past spring, her annual MRI showed disease in her lymph nodes , which led to many more tests to confirm that the cancer had returned and spread to her liver, stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She is currently on some new drugs with CT and bone scans every three months. Her most recent CT scan in July showed that the lesion in her liver has grown. On Monday she saw her oncologist to figure out what her next steps will be. From that meeting, they decided she will have another MRI on August 25th. If the tumor is still growing, they’ll try a more targeted chemo treatment. Please pray over Wendy’s treatment and all that is happening in her body. Please pray for healing in Jesus’ name. 

Nancy – Nancy is currently in the hospital with heart issues and tests coming up for stomach issues. Please pray for Nancy’s body and all that she is going through. Thank you for praying

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