July 26th | Prayer Update


Maura – Maura is doing better. Last week she was sick and went to the hospital with a fever but is home now and doing better. She was experiencing pretty severe migraines that were making her nauseous. After the doctors checked her out, they prescribed her some migraine medication and are taking extra precautions to ensure that it is not cancer-related. She is leaving today with her family for an RV trip to the smokey mountains, so please pray that her symptoms will subside and that she will be able to enjoy this trip with her family.

Jim – Jim is starting chemo this week. The date has gotten moved around a couple of times but they think he is getting his port put in today and then beginning his first round of chemo later this week. They are also waiting to go over results from his MRI scan with the doctors. Please pray for him as he starts chemo and hears about those results.

Deb – Deb is continuing to heal and is able to get around on crutches. She is doing more each day and working hard towards being independent! Please continue to pray for strengthening in her body and increased mobility. Thanks!


James W. – James recently decided it’s not worth his life to sacrifice everything he is for a company anymore. He said that if he ever wants to be a good husband, father, sacrificial man, then he needs to start preparing now. Please pray for wisdom and guidance through this big job change.

James M. –

I know it’s not for us to understand God’s ways and how He does what He does, but with everything going on in this season for me, I felt like I knew what He wanted me to do but I just feel lost, completely lost.”

Please pray for James as he is facing a difficult season. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance through this current situation.

Michelle – Michelle asked for her and her husband and to be lifted to the Lord in prayer. She said that her husband knows the Lord but he struggles with pride and it effects their relationship greatly. They have been married for 5 years, but Michelle’s scars from her past with emotional abuse have started to attack her again. She is ready to receive healing. Please pray for their relationship and for them both to be made whole again in Jesus.

Don – Please pray for Don as he is to have open heart surgery to repair two aneurysms and one leaky valve. His surgery is scheduled for August 8th. Him and his wife Joanne are thankful the doctors found them during a check for blood clots after a long Covid illness. The cardiologist says he is in really good physical health for this surgery. His surgery is going to be done at St. Luke’s in Bethlehem PA. His Doctors name is Dr. Amortegui. Thank you for praying over his surgery, doctors and recovery.

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