July 13th | Prayer Update


Deb – Deb is able to start PT. She is not full weight bearing but it is healing and she can put partial weight on it with crutches. God is so good and she is so grateful! Thank you so much for praying!

Maura – This is the update straight from Maura’s webpage. The update is a little longer than the ones I typically share but it was too good not to put on here. Very inspiring and powerful! I thought it would hopefully encourage you as it has me from reading it. Thank you for praying for her!

” ‘Through all of the mountains this beauty has climbed, she still remains beautiful. Even more now’. 💛

⁃Colleen Skellenger

These pictures are exactly a year apart in time, 4th of July weekend in Bristol, RI, but worlds apart in growth, strength and beauty of mind, heart, soul and body. No one knows quite what they are capable of until they are tested, until they reach a bump in the road. And this year has been nothing short of a mountain, but one that Maura has scaled with grace and maturity far beyond her years.

Looking at these pictures side by side makes me cry tears of joy and gratitude and then sadness for having had this journey at all and then joy and gratitude again for how this has changed us for the better and helped us see how much good there is around us all the time.

I read this quote today and it couldn’t be more true:

“Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise you’ll run out of time.”

This past year while we have been tied to the hospital, every chance we got we tried to find things to be happy in wherever we were. Finding our favorite shows, new crafts, new games and activities to find hidden joy in as many moments as we could. Now that the appointments are fewer we can do more, like our trip to NYC and this trip to RI. We can start think further than the next hour or the next day, so grateful for this gift of time, this feeling of life being just a little more normal.

Maura’s current chemo to treat the radiation injury in her brain, has much fewer side effects so she can focus on getting stronger and continuing to heal. Watching her fight through the fatigue this last month as she stretched to do some normal things has been like watching a marathon runner. She fights to keep up with those around her even when the physical strain on her body is enormous, she just keeps going. I am so incredibly honored that I have had the privilege to watch her start to build her strength again and cheer her on from the side.

She has a chemo infusion every other week and will have her next scan sometime in August. We pray that this scan will show that her radiation injury has cleared further. That if that happens she can have her port removed, that maybe her risk of seizure will be less and eventually she won’t need the seizure medication anymore. She is now down to taking only 1 medication in the morning and 3 at night. At one point she was taking 9 pills several times a day when she felt too sick to even be able to drink enough water to take them all. Every step she takes forward is made so much more precious having seen where she has been.

Life can change in an instant but we are far more beautiful and stronger for all that we overcome.”

Jim – Jim had an appointment on Tuesday to discuss his treatment plan and he will start chemo 8/5. Please pray as he begins this new process of chemo that he will have strength and peace surrounding him during this whole situation.

Maura’s Uncle – Maura’s family went through a pretty traumatic experience when her Uncle and his family who live in Highland Park, IL. They were on the corner across the street from the mass shooting at the 4th of July parade. They saw it all and had to run for their lives with their 3 small girls. They are having a really difficult time mentally and emotionally recovering from it all. The whole thing happened within walking distance from their house and their whole group of friends and children were all standing together watching when it happened. I am so grateful to God that they are okay.

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  1. Wow praying for all those listed here and touched continually by acts of senseless violence in our broken world. ❤️🙏🏼

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