July | Monthly Prayer Focus


We are officially moving into our temporary kids spaces THIS SUNDAY! As you all know, last month we were praying for a couple of specific areas over the course of the month pertaining to the JRNY kids move, and we would like to continue to pray over this situation. Please pray over the following:

Guests –  Please pray that we would have a smooth transition with teammates being able to welcome and tend to guests children in the same way that we were able to in our old spaces. Please pray that some of the rooms combining and the reduction of experiences wouldn’t take away from the teammates being able to direct attention and care for the new JRNY Kids guests. This is one of the most important things we do! Thank you for praying

Check-in/Check-out – This may seem like a strange thing to pray for, but this is such a big part of Sundays going smoothly or not. The Check-in/check-out process can sometimes bring challenges like crowding the hall if parents don’t line up correctly, technology issues, speed of moving into the next JRNY Kid’s experience and more. Please pray specifically for each one of these potential issues and that nothing would come up against us having a smooth process in the season of our temporary space.

Focus – In these new JRNY Kids spaces, there will be a lot more commotion and kids in each JRNY Kids space. There will be opportunity for kids to get distracted with it being so new and there being different people than they are used to seeing. Because of this, we ask that you please pray for the kid’s focus and that they will be attentive, good listeners and ultimately focus in so they can learn more about Jesus.

Patience – Please pray for patience all around! From the parents, to the kids, to the teammates — we will all need to have patience as things look different these next few months and we all are adjusting.




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