July 5th | Prayer Update


This month we will be focusing in on JRNY Kids as they are moving into their new temporary space. Last month we were also praying for JRNY Kids, but you can find the new ways we are going to focus in and pray for JRNY kids HERE.


Anna  – Anna’s husband Mark got bloodwork done last week to see if he carried the gene for Spinal muscle atrophy. On Friday they got the results back saying that Mark DOES NOT carry the gene. This is a huge praise! Thank you so much for praying! Please continue to pray over the health of Anna and the baby during this pregnancies.

Deb  – Please pray for Deb’s appointment on Friday that she will receive good reports and be able to be cleared for PT. She really wants to be able to drive again and get back to church. Thank you for praying


BethAnn – Please pray for BethAnn as she is going through a really tough season. She is having to make lots of tough decisions and choices. She needs to move, is having financial and health issues and is struggling with her marriage. Please pray that she is able to come up against these things with the strength only the Lord can give her. She also has adult children that are going through things and feels like life is hitting her with one thing after another. Please pray for her.

Kris – Kris is struggling right now with severe GI issues and is not sure what is going on. He is heading to the hospital right now and thinks something is really wrong. He just started attending JRNY and recently began a relationship with Jesus. He is struggling with a lot of physical issues. Please pray that the doctors will find out what’s wrong and that it’s something treatable. Above all, please pray for him to have peace right now in the midst of all that’s happening.

Rachael – Rachel and her Husband just found out they are having TWIN girls at their 20 week ultrasound. This is definitely a shock and they are asking for prayer for their delivery and entire birth experience. They were originally planning on having a home birth and would love to stay with this option if at all possible. Please pray that God would guide them through the rest of the decisions they need to make for the end of this pregnancy as everything is definitely changing and up in the air at this point. Thank you for praying!


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  1. Lifting all these people and requests up in Jesus name! Thank you Lord for another day!

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