June 29th | Prayer Update


Anna Larsen – Last week on Friday, Anna got a call from her OB letting her know that she is a carrier for something called spinal muscle atrophy. This is basically a disease that makes the babies spine and muscles not develop correctly. Mark (Anna’s husband) had to go and get tested and if he’s a carrier, there is a 40-50% chance the baby will have it. The odds of Mark being a carrier are low, but not impossible. They should be receiving results from the bloodwork this week. Please be praying that Mark’s test results come back negative and that he is not a carrier of this disease.

Deb Fineran – Deb is getting stronger each day! She definitely still has a long way to go and is not able to walk without her crutches. Her appointment to check in on her healing process got moved to next Friday, 6/7. She is believing that God is just giving her extra time to heal before the reports! Please continue to pray for Deb and for her upcoming appointments.

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  1. Praying for both women and their families. Love Deb’s perspective that God is taking extra time to heal.

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