June 22nd | Prayer Update


Maura Murphy – Maura and her family are thanking Jesus for her recent health reports! They weren’t sure if the inflammation in her brain was new cancer growth or her body responding to the radiation she had done. Thankfully, it was finally confirmed as just inflammation from the radiation! This is a huge praise! The radiation is working and she is currently on a cycle of chemo for the next 6 weeks and then will hopefully returning to a new “normal” post treatment. Please pray for Maura that as she finds this new normal that God will give her strength and comfort her during this season of adjustment.

Jim, Maura’s Uncle – Just wanted to give you a complete update on Jim. As you know, a couple weeks ago Jim had surgery to remove the cancer in his colon. The surgery came with some complications that landed him in the ICU for a couple days, but he recovered and made it back home two weeks ago. This past week after hearing the staging of his colon cancer was at 3b (it had been in the tissue around the lymph nodes), he has an appointment with his oncologist on 7/5 where they will discuss his treatment plan. He will need to have chemo. Please pray for Jim as he continues his treatment journey.

Anna Larsen – I wanted to share these super exciting and very sweet ultrasound pictures from Anna. Thank you for praying for this precious baby and mama! Please continue to pray for Anna’s nausea and health. Right now, even with the nausea medication, she is experiencing pretty severe sickness everyday. Thank you for praying!


Hollie M. – Please pray for Hollie as she has been struggling with drinking and just making good decisions in general recently. She asked for prayers for her and her struggle. Thank you for praying!

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