June | Monthly Prayer Focus


This month, we are in the process of moving JRNY Kids into their temporary space for construction at Phoenixville. We will be informing the kids and the parents over the course of the month about this move and are praying for a smooth transition once it happens at the end of the month. There are a lot of moving parts for this transition so please pray over the following:

Change of rooms – Because of the limited amount of rooms we have for the season of “temporary space”, some kids will get moved to a different age bracket room from what it used to be.  We are praying for smooth transitions all around and that this doesn’t effect the experience that the kids get to be a part of on Sunday. Please pray that they ease into the new space and that it doesn’t cause any troubles with teachers, kids or parents.

JRNY Kids Worship – JRNY Kids worship is growing in a big way but this new temporary space poses some challenges. Please pray that JRNY Kids worship will continue to grow and that there will be availability to continue worship in a similar way while we are in the temporary space.

Space – Please pray that God will help us make room for all the kids as we bump to 3 experiences in the midst of the temporary-space season.


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