June 7th | Prayer Update


Our monthly focus is JRNY kids during this season of construction. Check out how to specifically pray for them here. Also, be sure to check out new resources at the bottom of the main prayer page here.


Maura Murphy – Maura is doing better but was struggling with being very tired over the weekend which was concerning to her parents with the degree she was struggling. Turns out she has strep throat. Although this is not great, it was honestly a relief that it was a normal childhood illness with a clear solution. Please pray that as her body recovers from the strep and that her strength will return. A big praise is that her scan is scheduled for Thursday morning! So they will know soon how her body was actually responding to the treatment.

Maura’s Uncle, Jim – Maura’s uncle went into surgery last Thursday to remove the cancer and the tumor was the size of a baseball. Post surgery he was experiencing a lot of bleeding and as of Sunday had received 2 blood transfusions. Yesterday and today he has turned a corner and they let him have clear liquids. He is struggling to keep them down but surgery is no longer eminent. He is stable and they are hoping he will be moved out of the ICU today.

Matt Orme – Please continue to pray that Matt’s levels come back down to normal. He is home, but we are praying for a complete turnaround for his health and for him to have God’s peace surround him after such a scary incident.

Deb Fineran – Deb received great news last week that she can leave her leg in a brace and doesn’t have to cast it up! The doctor advised Deb to bend it as little as possible and not put weight on it. She has an appointment set up for PT in less than a month. Thank you so much for praying!

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