Thank you all for praying! I didn’t think I should wait to update you on these situations.

Maura’s Uncle – Officially diagnosed with colon cancer and is going into surgery next week to remove the mass. Please pray over the surgery he is about to go through and that all the cancer will be removed in Jesus’ name.

Anna Larsen – Please pray for Anna as she was experiencing bleeding earlier this week and had to go to the hospital. The good news is the baby is okay, but she found out that she has a chronic hematoma which is not dangerous to the baby as long as it stays small. She does have some restrictions but please pray that her hematoma does not get any worse! It caused quite the scare.

Matt Orme – Matt came home from the hospital late Tuesday night but has lots of restrictions and did not receive true answers as to what caused everything. Please pray over Matt’s body that nothing like that would happen again.

Deb Fineran – Deb is immobile right now and is not sure when she will be up and moving again. She is not in a whole lot of pain but is definitely struggling with not being able to be mobile. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Thank you!


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