May 23rd | Prayer Update


Maura Murphy – Maura has had a good week health-wise, praise the Lord! Her and her mom are coming home from a visit to Chicago today. While they were there they found out that Andrea’s brother had a large mass in his colon. He has an appointment with a surgeon this morning and they get the results of the biopsy on Wednesday to stage his cancer. This news has been an incredible shock to his wife and their three kids and their entire family. Please pray for healing for Maura’s Uncle and continued uphill motion on Maura’s health journey as well.

Anna Larsen – Please keep praying over Anna. As of right now, there aren’t any major hiccups in her pregnancy due to her previous health condition but they are praying for a continued smooth pregnancy as she is at an increase risk. Please pray over her body and especially over the severe nausea she is experiencing and has had to go on medication for. As a reminder, it is still very early and they are not telling everyone about their pregnancy, but have asked for prayer from this core group. Thank you so much for praying!


Matt Orme – I wanted to share this request with you because it had been brought forward and needs immediate prayer, but please refrain from reaching out to Matt about this situation. We will do our best to keep everyone updated but don’t want to intrude on Matt’s privacy during this time as he is sorting through everything.  Over the weekend, Matt had a nosebleed that would not stop. He felt really dizzy and lightheaded and went to the hospital. When they checked him he had such high blood pressure that they took him back right away and after examining him they said he was minutes away from having a serious stroke. He is in the ICU and needs his body to get stabilized before being sent home. Please pray over the tests that they are running that they will receive some guidance with how to proceed and that Matt’s body will not encounter any more trauma.

Deb Fineran – Please pray for Deb as she took a fall off a ladder over the weekend and just found out that she fractured her Tibia. Please pray for healing and that she is able to recover soon!



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  1. Lifting all of them up in Jesus name ! God do what only you can do and holy spirit surround each person in and through thier lives , hearts and souls

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