May 17th | Prayer Update


Maura Murphy – Maura had her second infusion (of 3) of her new chemo to hopefully heal some of her radiation injury. And Shane (her son) had a surgery this morning to repair his hernia. He is home resting now.

Jackie Rossi – Jackie is now in the clear for giving birth and is hoping to go soon! She is in a lot of discomfort and keeps experiencing intense contractions. Please pray for a safe home-birth for her baby boy. Thank you for praying!

Anna Larsen – Anna is doing well, but asks for continued prayers over her pregnancy. Also, just like all other prayer requests, please keep this confidential as it is very early in her pregnancy. Please pray that her previous health conditions don’t effect her or the baby during this time in a dangerous way. Her next ultrasound is the 28th of this month. Please pray over that day specifically. Thank you!


Deb Fineran’s Friend, Diana O. – She is pregnant and just found out she has covid. Please pray that she gets well soon and that the baby stays healthy.

Tony Kupris – Tony and his wife, Patty welcomed their second child into the world two weeks ago. Sadly about two months ago Patty lost her mother. With Patty bringing home her baby and struggling with the loss of her mother, she is having a hard time. Please pray for Tony and Patty! Thank you.

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