May 10th | Prayer Update


Maura Murphy – After talking with Maura and her mom, Andrea on Sunday, it seems like Maura is doing a lot better. She still has to receive those infusions and we are still praying for healing over her brain and body, but mentally Maura is in a good place. Please continue to pray for her infusions and for her body to heal from the radiation and that there is no new cancer growth on her upcoming scans.


Brianna Brown –

“Please pray that we don’t lose our house. My husbands work got slow and we got behind on our mortgage payments. We applied to receive help and are waiting to hear back. Just pray for peace in the waiting and for the mortgage company to be understanding.”

Jackie Rossi – Please pray for Jackie as she is about to give birth to another baby boy. She really wants to have a home birth but is 35 weeks and is experiencing signs of pre-labor because she is measuring 3 weeks ahead. She wants to make it to May 18th to be able to have a safe home-birth because of the development of the babies lungs. Please pray for the baby’s lungs to be developed and for her to have a safe labor, delivery and recovery.

Anna Larsen – Anna recently found out that she is pregnant with a baby boy! Her and her husband Mark are so excited but need prayer over her body because she has been battling different struggles with health over the past year and has had to get off a lot of medication since finding out she is pregnant. Please pray that God protects Anna and that her and her baby will be healthy and her pregnancy will be smooth.

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