May 4th | Prayer Update


This month’s monthly prayer focus can be found HERE. Thank you for committing to pray over our church!


Maura Murphy – Just got an update from Maura’s mom. I wanted to include it here so you knew specifically how to pray.

“Thanks so much for checking in. We once again had a long few days. Maura had a great Saturday with the fundraiser that some friends put together for us. She was really feeling the love and support. Then Saturday afternoon she suddenly was unable to speak and I had to take her to the ER. They admitted her from Saturday to Monday. They think she is having seizures in the area of her brain that controls speech. Her MRI is still showing an increasing area of concern. They feel that this area is probably injury from radiation and is causing all of these other symptoms. They started her on a new chemo on Monday to try and treat this and hopefully stop the spread of injury. She will get an infusion once every 2 weeks for the next 6 weeks and then they will do another scan to see if this has helped and hopefully will get more clarity as to whether this is radiation injury or tumor recurrence. It’s still just not totally clear. At this point the only way they would know for sure is to go in and biopsy her brain but that is very invasive and we are hoping to avoid that.”

Thank you for praying over Maura! Please keep the prayers coming.

Liz Warren – Please continue to pray for Liz. She is really struggling with mental health and needs help. Please pray that she will have a breakthrough in Jesus’ name and that she will find the right resources.


Jennifer Delaney – She has been in the hospital dealing with liver cirrhosis. Please pray that the Lord will relieve her of this pain and take it away. He’s the only one that can heal her. Thank you for praying!

Leah Irwin – Her mother is very ill. She is in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. Please pray that God would comfort her family during this time.

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