April 26th | Prayer Update


Ralph Ritter – As you all know from last week’s urgent update, Ralph went to be with Jesus. I ask that you keep his daughter Josie and wife Vickie in your prayers. Ralph’s memorial service will be this Friday. Please pray that God moves in the hearts and lives of the people present as they hear of who Jesus was in Ralph’s life.

Maura Murphy – Andrea took Maura to the ER on Sunday. She’s having some strange symptoms (balance issues was one). They haven’t received Saturday’s scan results yet and they did a cat scan but haven’t heard results of that yet either. She was admitted Sunday night for observation. Please pray over the results of all the scans and that her symptoms are just related to her body recovering from covid.

Lisa Sim – Lisa is recovering well! Praise Jesus! Thank you all for praying!


The Kehler Family –  Their baby (Conor Kehler) was born at only 25 weeks gestation. Additionally, they found out this week that the baby’s grandfather (Scott Kehler) has 22 tumors in his brain. Please pray for them. Thank you so much!

Boyce-Kealy Family – This family needs prayer over their housing situation. The daughter, Melania comes with Jane Wilcox’s granddaughter to JRNY kids and they are hoping the rest of the family follows to church soon. Their landlord is selling their house and they have to be out by May 31st. The mom has been putting in applications and calling places to rent but everybody wants 3x rent down initially and she can’t come up with the money in that short of notice. She is going to look at a house in coatsville that she has to go Thursday to look at. Please pray that it works out and they are able to get that house.

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  1. Father we lift up all these prayer requests and cries out to you! We might not know now what your doing but one day we will. We praise you and thank you for the healings that did happen! You’re so good all the time! Please send your holy spirit to surround each person and situation with a peace that surpasses our understanding. And to equip them with your armor so that they may take a stand against the devils schemes. And bind up any powerful forces of this dark world or sickness that has a hold of them ! Claiming that in Jesus name ! Amen

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