April 20th | Prayer Update


Ralph Ritter – Ralph was admitted to the hospital yesterday for what they thought is another UTI. This morning it began to progress and they think it might be sepsis. They have him stabilized, but please pray for healing in Jesus’ name. They are saying he may have a couple of weeks if things don’t turn around.

Maura Murphy – Maura was scheduled to have a follow-up scan tomorrow but tested positive for covid on Monday and had to postpone. She is recovering well from Covid and is done her isolation on Friday. She can’t go under full anesthesia right now but will be getting a partial scan of just her brain on Saturday and then a more in-depth scan of her spine another time. Please pray for her health as she recovers from covid and for her scans that everything comes back cancer-free.

Lisa Sim – Lisa had her surgery last week as you know and as of this week’s update, they removed all the cancer and she is recovering well! Her recovery is tougher than expected but she is doing well. Please continue to pray for Lisa as she is going through the recovery process.

The Steinmetz Family and Baby Penelope – On March 30th the family went to the doctor to get Baby Penelope checked to see if there was something wrong with her tummy do to her severe reflux. The doctors gave the family good news that baby Penelope does not have anything severe and that they should continue to monitor her like normal. They assured them that her symptoms will pass. Huge praise! Thank you for praying!



Betty Singleton – Betty is currently one credit away from receiving her masters in Urban ministry. Please pray for her as she will be looking for a new job. She is currently waiting on her former employers to fill out a release form so she is able to get all her clearances in check for working with children. Please pray that this process goes speedily so that she is able to continue to move forward getting a new job.


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