April | Monthly Prayer Focus


Steve has mentioned during this sermon series that as we continue to equip ourselves to win the fight against the enemy, satan gets scared and tries to pull more over more tactics, lies and schemes than ever. This is all in attempt to distract and throw people as they are preparing to take down the enemy in their life. We are hearing more stories, situations and struggles rise up as people are joining together in home group season and although that brings difficulties, lives are still being changed and the enemy cannot win! Jesus is working in people’s hearts and chains are being broken as people are joining together in Christ. Please begin to shift your prayers over home groups for the month of April and pray for these specific things:

Group leaders — their homes are the places this stuff is happening, protection over their families, protection over their meetings that nothing comes up against them being able to meet.

Families who are going to groups that God would work out the things being brought to the surface in group and at home. Pray for breakthrough in Jesus’ name!

Marriage struggles that are being brought up in group

New growth for new believers and young teens who are taking some of the first steps in their walk with Jesus. That no weapon would come up against them and stop what God is doing in their lives.

Breaking of bondages that are keeping people enslaved to sin.


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  1. I pray that God opens our eyes during this time to recognize the enemy’s schemes, and use His truth to combat his lies. I pray for the new home group leaders and members who don’t have experience with how the enemy tries to attack when we’re getting closer to God and building fellowship in home groups.

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