April 5th | Prayer Update


This month, we are going to continue to pray over this season’s home groups. We felt that it would still be really important to stay in prayer over specific details pertaining to spring home groups. Read more about how you can shift your prayers for home groups HERE.


Ralph Ritter – Things are not going too well for Ralph. Vickie, his wife, was in the process yesterday when I spoke to her of getting an in-home nurse to help with watching Ralph and take care of things that she should not have to do. At this point he needs to be watched 24/7 because of risk of falling so she lined up family and friends this week to be with him while she has to be away at work, etc. Earlier this week, she found out she is able to get a nurse! Huge praise! Please pray for them as they work through all of the complex parts of their situation and try to navigate what the next steps are and please specifically pray for their daughter Josie as she is struggling through this situation.

Maura Murphy – Maura has her next scan on April 21st. She has remained stable these past few weeks with no sickness and need to return to the hospital for anything and that has been amazing. She attended teen group on Friday night and Andrea said she absolutely loved it. Even though she has returned to school, she has missed out on so much that socialization has been tough so this smaller scale group was perfect for her and she really enjoyed it. Just keep praying for clear scans on April 21st and continued wisdom for her doctors! Also, please pray for continued patience and strength during the waiting period.

Ben McCluskey’s daughter, Lily – Lily has recovered from her surgery! Prayers were definitely answered. Everyone is healthy! Thank you for praying.


Christa and John Rose – Asking for prayers for their daughter Leah. She’s heading down a scary path and the harder we pull back the harder the devil is taking her. Thank you for praying!

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  1. Praying for God’s hand over all of these families and their circumstances. Praying an extra prayer for the youth. That God can use our church to help guide them to seek peace, validation, wisdom and strength in His name and His word rather than listening and believing the enemy’s lies.

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