March 29th | Prayer Update


This past Sunday our spring home-group season launched! We are having great feedback coming through about how everyone’s groups are kicking off. Please continue to pray over the details of the home-group season that you can find at the bottom of the home page HERE.


Ralph Ritter – Yesterday and today Ralph has been at Phoenixville hospital waiting to be transferred to UPen. After experiencing the pain he was last week from his radiation treatment he received, he started to show signs of a UTI and had very swollen legs to the point where he could not walk. As of this morning, he is doing a little bit better in the fact that they realized that he does not have a UTI and just was severely dehydrated. He is still struggling though because his legs are very swollen and they are waiting on the hospitals for transfer. Please pray that God would take away the swelling in his legs and that he would be released from Phoenixville hospital even before receiving a transfer in Jesus name!

Lisa Sim – Please continue to pray for Lisa’s surgery coming up a few days before Easter.

Andrea Murphy – Andrea asked for prayer that the right doctors at the right time are available for her kids. Also, that she would have patience and understanding that God will provide what they need. Please pray that they can live enjoying their life without a heavy cloud hanging over their head. Thank you for praying!

The Steinmetz and Baby Penelope – Please pray for their GI appointment for the baby happening on March 30th. Thank you for praying!



Ben McCluskey’s Daughter, Lily – Ben reached out to ask for prayers because his daughter, Lily, had to get an impromptu surgery to get rid of her tonsils and adenoids. She was having trouble swallowing. The surgery went well but she had trouble in recovery with blood pressure issues. We are waiting to hear an update because this was at the end of last week. We will update you when we hear how she is doing recovering.




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  1. Lord we lift up each and every person to you ! We know you love them more then we do so they are safe in your hands! We praise you for being with each person through the storm . If you brought them to it you will bring them through it! So lord please send your holy spirit to surround each one with a peace that surpasses our understanding and an unspeakable joy through the process. Claiming in Jesus name that thier life and testimony will show Jesus to those around them. Let the messy parts and hard times of it all give you the glory ! Father , equipp them with your armor to battle the enemies schemes around them! Do what only you can do ! We trust you and love you and ask this In Jesus name Amen

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