March 23 | Prayer Update


THIS SUNDAY is the start of the Spring home group season! Please pray over the details of this season’s home groups that can be found at the bottom of the home page which you can view here.



Ralph Ritter – Please pray for Ralph as he is in a lot of pain this week post-radiation that he finished up last week. Things are really difficult right now and he asks specifically for prayer over the pain that he is in.

Lisa Sim – Lisa will have surgery a few days before Easter but will need to be in the hospital for 2 weeks for recovery. She is grateful to have 3 days of church online to help her heal. The doctors again will know more when they get in there. It is past stage one but they believe surgery will remove cancer! Pray that she will be healed after this surgery and she finds herself closer to God in the process.

Christie Family – Little baby Micah had his surgery for his club foot. Please continue to pray over his recovery.

Maura Murphy – Maura is still waiting to hear back for when she can schedule a follow-up scan to determine if she has new tumor growth in her brain. Please pray for the family as they wait to schedule this scan that when they do get the scan, the results will come back negative! Also, please pray that God would continue to speak to the family through sermons, conversations and time with Him and bring them continual peace in the midst of this situation.

Jody Beck’s Dad, Norman – Norman spend 11 day sin Iowa City trauma unit, the next 11 days at St. Luke’s rehab hospital in Cedar Rapids, and he did so well that this morning he traveled almost 2 hours to the nursing home back in his hometown where he will continue with rehab! Jody’s sister took my mom home this morning. It will be so much easier for her to visit him in their little hometown where she does drive and have lots of friends to help her. We are thanking God because the ER nurses never expected him to live. He’s still alive, getting stronger every day, brain is still healing, not happy to be at care center, but he has a long way to go before he can go home. He let Jody pray for him but told his wife later he’s very uncomfortable when God and Jesus are mentioned and didn’t want her to pray over him anymore. Please pray that Jesus is able to break through to him and that he will receive Jesus as His Savior.

Jane Wilcox’s Friend, Liz – Liz received her second round of electroconvulsive therapy this past Monday and it is taking a toll on her body from being under the anesthesia and the treatment in general. Please keep Liz in prayer as she walks through this that she would experience results from the treatment and that she would know that Jesus is with her through it all.



Neve and Kris Steinmetz – The Steinmetz family just had their new baby girl Penelope. The baby has really bad reflux has an appointment soon to get things checked out, but she basically doesn’t keep anything down if she is laying down in any way. Please pray for their upcoming appointment that the doctors will have answers

Jerri Pelletier’s friend, Melissa – Melissa is 56yrs old and is facing an early onset dementia possible diagnosis. They will run more tests but so far it is likely that. She lives in Jerri’s community and her husband asked for prayer. They are not believers so this could be an opportunity to see their need for God in their lives.

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