March 15th | Prayer Update


Please continue to pray over homegroups! As of this past Sunday, there are already over 350 people involved in homegroups this season! Please continue to pray over the details of homegroups shown at the bottom of the home page which you can view here.


Ralph Ritter – Last week, Ralph started radiation on Monday and started his second week of it yesterday. He has been able to find some help with rides to treatment, but please pray that God will continue to send them the help they need to get Ralph to and from treatment okay.

Christie Family and Baby Micah – Please continue to pray for baby Micah and his club foot and reflux issue. Please pray specifically that God heals him of this reflux in Jesus’ name!

Jody Beck’s Father Norman – Norman was not able to get into Mercy Hospital in Iowa last week and instead God made a way for him to get into St. Luke’s rehab center in Cedar Rapids. On Sunday morning early after many flight delays and changes, Jody and Jim made it to CR and were able to visit with Jim’s family. Yesterday they were able to pick up Jody’s mom and visit her dad at the rehab center in St. Luke’s hospital. Huge praise that they were able to get there safely and get to see their family. Please continue to pray over their trip visiting that they would be able to point Jody’s parents to Jesus and that her dad would get saved.

Lisa Sim – Lisa met with her doctor and they strongly believe that she does not need chemo. Praise Jesus. However, she will have surgery soon that will need a one month bed rest recovery. Continue prayers for her surgery and recovery. Thank you!

Brynn Yoder – Brynn’s appointment went well and they said her skull is fixing itself and she will return for a follow up but they are hopeful she will be fine and not need any surgery.

Maura Murphy – After the private email I sent you about Maura, I wanted to send this update we received from her mom. Thank you for praying!

“My heart is singing praise of joy and thanksgiving right now. Looking at Maura’s series of scans in conference yesterday the team decided that this is still not definitively tumor progression, even though the MRI report said differently. They had a brain tumor radiology specialist there who agreed that these whisps through her tumor area still do not look like her original tumor and still could be reaction to the radiation and chemo. So we wait for the next scan in another 6 weeks to see how this changes. It could still be tumor but because they can’t definitively say that it’s tumor they treat it as not tumor. Her surgeon was there too and agreed that going in and looking is not the best option neither is going in and getting a biopsy. This doesn’t mean that in 6 weeks they won’t tell us that yes this is tumor they are constantly deciding what the plan will be if that becomes true. So we will anxiously wait the next scan in 6 weeks but in the meantime be so joyful for these 6 weeks of normal, because this is the absolute best outcome that we could have hoped for.”

Praise Jesus! Please continue to pray specifically that the scans in the coming weeks will come back clear and that Maura will not have new tumor growth. Our God is the ultimate healer, let’s pray that His healing powers shock the doctors!

Isabelle McEwen – Isabelle sent in a prayer request a couple of weeks ago about her new-found pregnancy and recent breakup with the baby’s father. She sent up a follow-up request this week thanking us for praying and asked if we could pray for her unborn child, that he grows up with a loving, Christ-centered family that will fight for each other and are grounded on the Word of God. Thank you for continuing to pray!


Jane’s Friend, Liz Warren – As you saw in the email I sent yesterday, Liz went through a pretty intense treatment yesterday in hopes of helping her struggle with some mental health issues. Please keep her in prayer as she is recovering. I will be in touch as soon as hear how she is doing.

Bekki Hoff – Please pray for Bekki and her husband that God would lead them in the right direction to put their family back together.

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