UPDATE | Lisa Sim

UPDATE #1 – 3/7/22

Lisa Sim has been having health issues over the last year and today she is getting tested to see if she has cancer. Her family came to church for the first time to support her which was very beautiful. We ask God for answers that are not cancer but also ask that He moves in her daughter and siblings lives through this to bring them to Jesus.

UPDATE #2 – 3/9/22

Lisa got a phone call from her doctor to confirm cancer from cat scan. The doctor has hope that they can remove the cancer surgically but they won’t know everything until they perform the surgery. Her surgeon will be in touch with her to give her further details. She has asked for prayers of comfort and peace. Also, her family has been coming to church so prayer that through this circumstance God will bring peace and comfort to her family.

UPDATE #3 – 3/15/22

Lisa met with her doctor and they strongly believe that she does not need chemo. Praise Jesus. However, she will have surgery soon that will need a one month bed rest recovery. Continue prayers for her surgery and recovery. Thank you!

UPDATE #4 – 3/22/22

Lisa will have surgery a few days before Easter but will need to be in the hospital for 2 weeks for recovery. She is grateful to have 3 days of church online to help her heal. The doctors again will know more when they get in there. It is past stage one but they believe surgery will remove cancer! Pray that she will be healed after this surgery and she finds herself closer to God in the process.

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