March 8th | Prayer Update


Ralph Ritter –  Ralph’s original plan for treatment was denied by insurance but his Doctor came up with a plan. He started radiation yesterday and will get it Mon-Friday for the next two weeks. They are grateful because it is in Valley Forge, but are nervous of how it will pan out because it wasn’t their doctor’s first choice for him. Please continue to pray!

Christie Family and Baby Micah – Please continue to pray for baby Micah as they are waiting to see when he can get surgery on his club feet. Please also continue to pray for his feeding tube and reflux issues. Thank you for praying!

Jody Beck’s Father, Norman – Please pray for Jody and her husband, Jim, as they have decided to go to see her father in Iowa. They are flying out on the 12th and would appreciate prayer as they are going to be spending time with her family. Please pray for every conversation and situation they will be in that Jesus would speak through them in it all.

Jody’s dad is getting better and his mental capacity and memory is improving daily! He is being moved to Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA. He will be there for 5-6 weeks and hopefully be moved back to a rehab near home. Please pray for his healing through rehab, to accept Christ as savior, have a calm, happy, and peaceful demeanor when he gets his memory back, have a good move to Mercy, and then provide the best nursing home or assisted living for him after he’s released from rehab. Continue to pray for strength and protection over Jody’s mom, Joyce. Jody’s mom is staying with her brother but could use some prayer in the midst of this situation because he is not the nicest and it might end up being a challenging set-up staying there.



Lisa Sim – Lisa Sim has been having health issues over the last year and today she is getting tested to see if she has cancer. Her family came to church for the first time to support her which was very beautiful. We ask God for answers that are not cancer but also ask that He moves in her daughter and siblings lives through this to bring them to Jesus.

Brynn Yoder – Brynn is seeing a specialist on Friday see if her skull needs surgery. Similar to the surgery that Amy son had recently. Teddi & Steven have asked that we pray that it is a misdiagnosis and that everything will be fine!


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