UPDATE | Jody’s Father, Norman

UPDATE #1 – 3/1/22

Last night we were informed that Jody Beck’s father, Norman, had a terrible fall, was air-flighted from NE IA to Iowa City – one of Iowa hospitals. This is his 3rd major fall in just 4 months. He also has 2 cracked ribs from a previous injury. He has several brain bleeds and a fractured skull and he may end up in a nursing home once recovered. The brain bleeds heal on their own so all they can do is wait.

The main prayer here is not just for physical healing but one of eternal healing as he does not know Jesus as his Savior. Please pray for him to accept Jesus before he leaves this earth, whenever that is. He’s Catholic. Also please pray especially for Jody’s mom, Joyce, as she maneuvers the next few months of life with, or without her husband. Joyce is enduring so much with this situation and also has to get shots in her eyes 45 min from home today that typically put her down for a day or two.

Jody and her husband Jim need wisdom on when they should go back to Iowa and how to get there, fly or drive, to see their family during this time.

Thank you for the prayers!

UPDATE #2 – 3/1/22

Just received this update from Jody about her father…

“I did talk to his nurse this morning and his memory is slowly coming back. Prayers are working. At 3 am he knew his name and with choice questions he one he was in a hospital, that Biden is president and not Clinton and that Trump was our previous president and not Bush. All good signs. He’ll need a lot of prayer today as he has to endure 30-40 stickers attached to his head to monitor his brain for 24 hours. They are really stinky and make your head feel very heavy. He will be very uncomfortable. Praying for peace for him. Mom was doing well this morning. Thanks for praying.”

Thank you for praying, team!

UPDATE #3 3/2/22

THANK YOU for praying! Norman is surviving, no real changes. Thank you for praying for his wife, Joyce, and her shots that she got yesterday, she is doing well preparing for her children to come into town to see their father and her. Please pray that she has the courage to be honest with her children on what she wants to do and where she wants to live. She wants to be able to stay in her hometown.
Joyce doesn’t think that their nursing home is equipped to handle Norman with his head injuries so they need to find a better option for him. PLEASE PRAY that they can find a facility to care for him with an open room. The family is gathering this weekend and will need wisdom in what to decide. Jody is deciding to hang back and not go to Iowa at this time.


Continue to pray that Jody’s dad will confess to Jesus that he is a sinner and receives His forgiveness and that the peace beyond all understanding will surround his heart and mind.

Thank you!

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