March 1st | Prayer Update


Ralph Ritter – Ralph is starting a new radiation treatment for the cancer that has moved into his brain. Unfortunately they were told that his insurance just denied the treatment, so now they have to wait. Please pray that a way can be made for him to be able to receive this treatment. A big praise is that he received good news from his doctor that nothing has spread into his spine, which is very good!

JJ’s Family – The family was at church yesterday and JJ’s services will be Friday. Right now we ask God to strengthen Bella, the sister, who is struggling emotionally with the loss of her brother. We ask God to comfort and bring peace within her. That through this she learns of God’s unconditional love. We ask God to help guide our words, actions, and the kids team to be the support she needs.

Monthly Focus – Continue to pray for this week’s monthly focus – homegroups! Be sure to check out this week’s monthly focus prayer-post on the main page. 


Isabelle McEwen – Isabelle became pregnant around August of last year. She is twenty-seven weeks pregnant now. Around Halloween, her partner and her broke up. They had plans to get married but now are no longer together. Isabelle asked for prayer that they can reconcile and get married, especially for the baby’s sake.

Jody Beck’s Father and Family – Last night we were informed that Jody Beck’s father, Norman, had a terrible fall, was air-flighted from NE IA to Iowa City – one of Iowa hospitals. This is his 3rd major fall in just 4 months. He also has 2 cracked ribs from a previous injury. He has several brain bleeds and a fractured skull and he may end up in a nursing home once recovered. The brain bleeds heal on their own so all they can do is wait.

The main prayer here is not just for physical healing but one of eternal healing as he does not know Jesus as his Savior. Please pray for him to accept Jesus before he leaves this earth, whenever that is. He’s Catholic. Also please pray especially for Jody’s mom, Joyce, as she maneuvers the next few months of life with, or without her husband. Joyce is enduring so much with this situation and also has to get shots in her eyes 45 min from home today that typically put her down for a day or two.

Jody and her husband Jim need wisdom on when they should go back to Iowa and how to get there, fly or drive, to see their family during this time.

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