February 15th | Prayer Update


Please take time this week to specifically lift these situations and people up in prayer…

Jess Smoyer – Jess serves on the host team and this past Saturday, her father passed away from a long battle with his health due to struggles with alcohol and drugs. We are grateful that he knew Jesus and had been attending JRNY for the past two years. Please pray over the family and funeral service happening this weekend that people will come to know Jesus through the testimony of her dad’s life.

Ralph Ritter – Ralph is a teammate on the band and production team and has been battling with a cancer recurrence this past year. He was going through a certain type of treatment in hopes of getting his cancer marker counts to come down. He got word from his doctor last week that his numbers had actually gone up quite a bit; which was incredibly disheartening for him and Vickie (his wife) both as they weren’t sure what other options were available anymore. The doctor told them that he had a handful of options that he thought were promising (to include a treatment from a study in Indiana that deals with his specific type of cancer and case), which was relieving. Ralph is ready to roll with whatever he needs to do to keep on fighting and beating this thing.

Aimee Campbell and Nico Gutierrez – Aimee serves on the kids team and her son Nico just got skull reconstruction surgery on Monday. Here is a current update on what we can specifically pray for in his journey to recovery…”His drain is collecting more than they hoped it would be at this point so he will most likely have to stay in the ICU a little longer. They removed his catheter which has made him a little more comfortable. He’s throwing up when the zofran wears off but they said that’s to be expected. His eyes are starting to swell shut also. BUT he’s doing pretty good considering! Keep the prayers coming!”


The Christie Family and Baby Micah – The Christie’s are a family who serves at JRNY on the kids team. They recently had a baby boy named Micah who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Micah has also struggled with several other health issues since being born. Please read below for a recent update and ways that you can specifically pray for their family.

Baby Micah is doing well and is home with Dennis and Kaitlyn full time now. They feel exhausted but grateful to be a family of 4. They found out last week that he has conductive hearing loss. Left ear is severe and right ear is moderate. He can hear everything it’s just muddled unless you are right next to him. It can possibly get better. He will get another test done in 3 months and based on those results, will depend on what the next steps are!

His feeding tube is okay. They’ve been doing swallowing therapy to try to get him to move forward with it, but it’s not going great. He gets so tired doing anything, so he falls asleep shortly after they have him do something at therapy. Just continue to pray that it keeps going forward and making some progress each appointment. His left vocal chord, the one that was frozen, is slowly coming into position, but they don’t see that doctor for another 3 months, so hopefully, by then it will be completely healed.

Thankfully Kaitlyn’s job gave her another 6 weeks home so she’ll be home with Micah until the end of March!

Ann Marie Delaney – Ann Marie serves on the kids team. She just found out that she and her youngest son have a medical condition where they’re missing an important enzyme. They have to get ERT (enzyme replacement therapy) infusions every 10 days. She just got her first treatment and it didn’t go well. Doctors are going to put her on a different treatment instead. We’ll see how it goes. Praying that this is the treatment that she needs to feel 100% herself again.

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