Did you ever get invited to someone’s house through a mutual friend and feel awkward going because you didn’t know if the host wanted you there? Or maybe you heard of an open party at someone’s house but didn’t go because you were unsure if you were welcomed. Let’s face it, no one wants to go to a house they weren’t invited to.

We’ve all experienced being invited by someone and feeling special or wanted. Most likely, if you were invited by the host, you would show up! That’s why we want to take initiative and invite people to our Home Groups. We want people to feel welcomed and wanted long before they arrive at our homes so that God can begin to do a work in and through their lives as they grow during this season.

The Bible speaks a lot about the power of personal invites. Peter was invited by Andrew to meet Jesus, and later became one of the 12 apostles and Phillip invited Nathanael to come and see who Jesus was. Jesus and the disciples walked the Earth inviting everyone to know God! Maybe that’s how you got to church and met Jesus! God gave us an example of what it looks like to seek after the lost and build community! We have a great opportunity during the Home Group season to invite people to our homes who have never been to church AND to invite people that are already part of our church!

We have more opportunities than we may think, for example, at your children’s sports games, the grocery store, the waiter or waitress you’ve been requesting at your favorite restaurant, or maybe the person you sat next to on Sunday- the opportunities are everywhere! Let’s take initiative, invite people and watch as God allows us to be a part of seeing them grow! 

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